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black and gray dell cordless mouse

How to Jitter Click

Jake Tremblay

Jitter clicking is a mouse clicking technique that enables users to increase their clicks per second rate significantly. This method ...

a close up of a red and black graphics card

How Much VRAM Do I Have: Quick Guide to Check Your Video Memory

Jake Tremblay

Video RAM, commonly known as VRAM, is a critical component of a computer’s graphics processing unit or GPU. It serves ...

blue and white heart illustration

What is a Blue Screen Meaning: Deciphering Computer Crash Signals

Jake Tremblay

A blue screen of death, or BSOD, is a well-known operating system error screen displayed on a Windows computer after ...

white and green hard disk drive

AMD Ryzen 3 vs Ryzen 5 vs Ryzen 7: Comparing Performance Across the Range

Jake Tremblay

When considering an AMD Ryzen processor for a new computer, the options can seem overwhelming. The Ryzen series, featuring processors ...

black USB flash drive

Can You Unplug a USB Drive Directly or Do You Have To Eject It

Jake Tremblay

Removing a USB drive without ejecting it is a common practice, though not always recommended. USB drives are designed to ...

Video Card Ports

Uses for DisplayPort

Jake Tremblay

DisplayPort technology is a digital display connection commonly used in computers and electronics. It was developed by the Video Electronics ...

shallow focus photography of person using gray Samsung laptop

Can You Play Games on a Chromebook?

Jake Tremblay

Chromebooks are becoming more popular for work, school, and entertainment. They use Google’s Chrome OS, which is designed to be ...

Asus UEFI BIOS Utility

Bios Settings to Improve Performance: Optimizing Your System for Enhanced Speed

Jake Tremblay

Adjusting BIOS settings can improve system performance. The BIOS, or Basic Input Output System, is the program a computer’s microprocessor ...

the box of the nvidr rx4 and the box of the n

How To Check How Much RAM Your Computer Has

Jake Tremblay

You should know how much RAM your system has so that you can understand its capabilities for handling various tasks. ...

RTX 5080 GPU

Nvidia 50 Series GPUs Expected To Come Out Late 2024 Or Early 2025

Jake Tremblay

The tech community has been patiently waiting for more info on Nvidia’s upcoming 50 series release (expected later this year ...

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