Storage Drives

Defrag HDD

Do You Still Need to Defragment Your Hard Drive in the Era of Modern Storage Solutions?

Sophia Kowalski

Defragmenting a hard drive is important for maintaining a computer’s performance. Over time, files on a hard drive can become ...

black nas on blue surface

What is RAID 5: Understanding Data Storage and Protection Methods

Lucas Wang

RAID 5 is short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks level 5. It is a storage solution that utilizes multiple ...

Western Digital Company Split

Western Digital Splitting into Two Publicly Traded Companies

Ethan Roux

Western Digital has announced plans to reorganize into two separate entities. The move will create a clear distinction between its ...

a black and white sign that says w d black

Is Western Digital a Good Brand? Unveiling Quality and Reliability

Jake Tremblay

Western Digital has been one of the top hard drive manufacturers for decades now. With extensive experience in the storage ...

a hard drive sitting on top of a yellow surface

Are Seagate Hard Drives Reliable? An In-Depth Reliability Review

Jake Tremblay

Seagate is a well-known brand when it comes to reliable hard drives. With a long history of producing storage devices, ...

silver compact disc on black cd rack

Good Software for Burning DVD/Blu-Ray Discs: Top Industry Picks

Jake Tremblay

Burning DVDs and Blu-Ray discs is a practical way of storing, sharing, and backing up important data and multimedia content. ...