Video Cards

S9150 GPU

AMD FirePro S9150 Graphics Card

Jake Tremblay

When evaluating the AMD FirePro S9150’s potential for gaming, it’s important to consider the card’s specifications and original design intent. ...

a close up of a red and black graphics card

How Much VRAM Do I Have: Quick Guide to Check Your Video Memory

Jake Tremblay

Video RAM, commonly known as VRAM, is a critical component of a computer’s graphics processing unit or GPU. It serves ...

a black and silver electronic device

How to Overclock a GPU: Guide

Ethan Roux

Overclocking a graphics card can significantly enhance computer performance. Essentially, by increasing the clock speed beyond the factory settings, the ...

black and blue coated wires

Different HDMI Cables Explained: Types, Features, and Uses

Lucas Wang

HDMI cables serve as the backbone for high-definition multimedia interfaces, connecting various electronic devices and enabling the transfer of both ...

a person playing a video game on a laptop

Can I Play Games with Integrated Graphics?

Kunal Patel

With the surge in PC gaming, many wonder if their non-gaming laptops with integrated graphics can handle popular games. Integrated ...


What is HDMI ARC and eARC: Explained

Lucas Wang

HDMI ARC, or Audio Return Channel, simplifies the connection between your TV and audio system, such as a soundbar or ...

Video Card Ports

Uses for DisplayPort

Jake Tremblay

DisplayPort technology is a digital display connection commonly used in computers and electronics. It was developed by the Video Electronics ...

Gigabyte Aorus RTX 4090 Gaming Box

GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 4090 GAMING BOX: Unleashing Portable Graphics Power

Lucas Wang

The GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 4090 GAMING BOX is a cutting-edge solution designed to upgrade laptop capabilities to desktop-grade gaming performance. ...

AMD Crossfire

What Is Crossfire and Is It Still Used?

Sophia Kowalski

CrossFire is a multi-GPU technology developed by AMD. It enables users to link multiple graphics cards together to boost a ...

RTX 5080 GPU

Nvidia 50 Series GPUs Expected To Come Out Late 2024 Or Early 2025

Jake Tremblay

The tech community has been patiently waiting for more info on Nvidia’s upcoming 50 series release (expected later this year ...

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