Power Supplies

a computer case sitting on top of a yellow surface

How to Check The Power Supply on PC: A Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Ethan Roux

Assessing the health of a computer’s power supply, or PSU, is a crucial task for maintaining stable system performance. The ...

a black computer case sitting on top of a yellow table

How Do I Know How Much Wattage I Need for My PSU

Kunal Patel

Selecting the right power supply unit (PSU) is crucial for a stable and efficient PC build. The PSU is responsible ...

Short Motherboard Pins Turn On

How to Turn On a PC Without a Power Button

Jake Tremblay

When you want to turn on a desktop PC, you typically press the power button. However, there may be situations ...

TFX Power Supply

What is a TFX Power Supply: Understanding Form Factors and Specifications

Kunal Patel

A TFX power supply is a type of compact power unit that is commonly used in small form factor computers ...