Kunal Patel

DDR5 Memory

How to Overclock RAM: Guide for Enhanced Performance

Kunal Patel

Overclocking the RAM in a computer allows it to operate at higher speeds than the manufacturer’s specifications, which can enhance ...

black Gigabyte graphics card

Can a Computer Have No Fans? Exploring Fanless PC Designs

Kunal Patel

Computers typically use fans to cool down hot components like the CPU and GPU. These small but crucial parts of ...

Thermal Grease on CPU

How Much Thermal Paste to Use on a CPU: Optimal Application Guidelines

Kunal Patel

Applying the correct amount of thermal paste is crucial for maintaining optimal CPU performance and temperature regulation. Thermal paste acts ...

Windows 11 Wifi / Bluetooth

Do Desktop PCs Have Bluetooth and WiFi: Connectivity Features Explained

Kunal Patel

Desktop computers have undergone significant changes over the years, evolving to meet the needs of users in a connected digital ...

black and white audio mixer

Do Desktop PCs Have Lithium Batteries? Exploring Their Role in Computer Hardware

Kunal Patel

Desktop PCs typically include a small lithium battery known as the CMOS battery. This battery plays an integral role in ...

turned-on MacBook Pro

What Are Browser Extensions: Enhancing Web Functionality and Productivity

Kunal Patel

Browser extensions are small software add-ons that enhance and personalize the browsing experience. They allow users to tailor the functionality ...

a person playing a video game on a laptop

Can I Play Games with Integrated Graphics?

Kunal Patel

With the surge in PC gaming, many wonder if their non-gaming laptops with integrated graphics can handle popular games. Integrated ...

black and gray corded computer mouse on black mouse pad

What Is the Point of a Mousepad?

Kunal Patel

When considering a well-equipped computer workspace, one might ask about the value of a mouse pad. This seemingly simple accessory ...

a close up of a memory card on the ground

How Much RAM Is Recommended for Gaming

Kunal Patel

When you’re setting up a gaming PC, it’s important to consider how much random access memory (RAM) you need. RAM ...

Asus UEFI BIOS Utility

What is UEFI? Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Kunal Patel

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, known as UEFI, is a modern firmware system that bridges the gap between a computer’s ...

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