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Logitech ZeroTouch Air Vent Mount for Phones (White) (New)
Logitech ZeroTouch Air Vent Mount for Phones (White) (New)

Logitech ZeroTouch Air Vent Mount for Phones (White) (New)

$9.23 $11.92
Condition: New Quickly and easily mount a cell phone to your dash with theLogitech ZeroTouch Air Vent mount for phones.  

As a bonus, if you have an Android Phone, you can also usethe ZeroTouch Air Vent mount with the Logitech ZeroTouch appfor a hands free experience!
  • Logitech ZeroTouch Air Vent Mount
  • General Features:
  • Color: White
  • Can be mounted on an air vent
  • Includes magnetic contact plates for your phone tobe able to attach to mount.
  • Download and launch the free ZeroTouch app (forAndroid phones only)

  • ZeroTouch Android App features
  • High-five to begin. No need to touch
  • Give commands such as text, navigate, play music, call, and somuch more
  • ZeroTouch now works with Amazon Alexa
  • Use your favorite Alexa skills on the go, simply high-five andsay "Alexa"
  • Drive On and enjoy your favorite features hands-free
  • ZeroTouch Android App Functions:
  • Automatic email notifications - listen and reply to incomingemails
  • Automatic message notifications - listen and reply to incomingtexts and messages
  • Activate via hand gesture - keep your microphone off untilyou're ready to give a command
  • Audible Yelp suggestions - Yelp suggestions announced oncommand
  • Multi-tasking - text, navigate, and play music withoutinterruption
  • Unit Dimensions:
  • 3.0 x 2.7 x 2.7-inches (H x W x D)

    Package Includes

    • Logitech ZeroTouch Air Vent Mount
    • Two (2) Contact plates

      Additional Information

      • Notes:
      • ZeroTouch app only works with Android Phones (notrequired for using the Air Vent Mount as strictly amount)
      • Model: ZeroTouch Air Vent
      • P/N: 989-000182
      • UPC: 0 97855 12213 1
      • Product Requirements:
      • Cell phone
      • For Android ZeroTouch app
      • Bluetooth NFC smartphone with Android  5.0 orhigher
      • ZeroTouch App
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